10 on 10: June 2016

Summer is in full swing which means the kid's activities have quickly ramped up! It seems like we are always on the move going from one activity to another lesson to another outing, you name it and we're doing it!

Come check out a typical Saturday with an energectic preschooler and a busy toddler - the truth is I wouldn't have it any other way!

Face first in his stuffies bin.

Getting dressed by himself.


Sitting on a stool at the kitchen island - her favourite spot these days!


Heading out the door and off to the day's first activity.

Giggles during taekwondo class.

Back at home taking a little coffee break.

Next up - swimming lessons.

Time to cool down with some gelato.

Watching some cartoons and unwinding from a busy day just before heading off to bed.

The kids are asleep which means now I can have some quiet time, ahhh.

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